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strategies to create a sustainable environment to ensure their future competitiveness.

Surpassing Expectations

Headquartered in Hong Kong with manufacturing and testing facilities in Hong Kong and China, combined with a Competency Centre in Switzerland, SP aims to exceed our customer’s expectations, in product designs, engineering quality and domain knowledge transfer.

What we offer:

  • Innovative and reliable high-voltage and extra-high voltage power cable accessories, developed and type-tested according to GB and IEC standards.
  • Complete high-voltage cable solutions by partnering with leading cable manufacturers.
  • End to end solutions including design, build, installation, training and maintenance.
  • Highly skilled engineers and workers, using world class, auditable raw materials.
  • Strict Quality Control procedures, with requirements meeting and often exceeding international standards and compliant to ISO 9001:2008.
  • World-class professional services and engineering support, where and whenever required, in a fast response manner.

Why SP?

- Patented design that offers a long-lasting and

  convenient solution

- Composite slip-on design
Ability to withstand 400km/h+ wind speed.
- One piece moulding creates an environment

  of reliability in ease of installation, reducing

  critical operational errors.

Dry GIS / Oil-immersed

Terminations (Up to 220kV)

Established in 2004, Swiss Polymeric (SP) is a leading high-voltage cable accessories provider in Asia, offering innovative and reliable products, solutions and services to empower the grid infrastructure of the future.

A preferred and trusted advisor to many renowned power companies and electricity network operators in the region, SP focuses on helping cities and organizations manage their increasing demand for power, and developing


SP Leadership Team

Customised Solutions

Steel Mills

- All HV cable accessories are applicable for cable of conductor size ranging from 240mm² - 2500mm².

- Designed with extra high safety margins.

- Use of silicon rubber materials of the latest generation.

- 110kV accessories are based on 132kV applications.

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Customer defined solutions designed, developed and tested by our highly experienced R&D team according to International standards. Previous projects include Transition Joints, Dead-end Joints, and Link Boxes.

Joints (Up to 220kV)

Outdoor Terminations

Empowering Modern Living



Behind every innovative company is a garage.  SP’s garage was in San Po Kong, Hong Kong, co-founded by 2 passionate high voltage engineers - HM Wong, a chartered electronic & electrical engineer, held leadership positions at Hong Kong’s CLP Power, is regarded as the power industry’s high voltage grid expert in Asia; Michael Laurent, previously Global Head of R&D of Nexans, and the Swiss representative to Study Committee 21 of CIGRE for High Voltage cables.

HM and Michael represent a classic customer-centric innovative  partnership with the same beliefs that they can be change agents for a

Reliability, Flexibility, Simplicity - Your High Voltage Cable Accessories Partner

Swiss Polymeric

Our Customers

Culture of Innovation

As the world changes rapidly, power transmission requires transformation to meet growing electricity demands, critical to the fast-pace development of organisations, cities and public services.

At SP, we know what makes a power infrastructure efficient yet safe, which is why we offer an innovative and reliable range of high voltage cable accessories and solutions for underground and overhead systems, that is simple to install - essential to a power grid built for the future.

Services & Parts when you need them

At SP, we make services and purchasing efficient and easy to improve your up-time. If you have any questions at all, our team of High Voltage engineers are just a phone call away.

Why SP?

- Patented Seamless High Voltage Electrode
- Optimized Reliability
- Best in Class Design

Why SP?

- Designed for Easy & Convenient installation
- Zero leakage risks
- Flexibility for system modification


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Products & Solutions

Installed Cities Coverage

 Key Characteristics of SP Product Designs:

Train Terminations

Professional Services - No matter your challenge is on power transmission cable systems or submarine cable systems, we have a team of experts that can help you. SP offers comprehensive design, installation and technology transfer services portfolio with proven and recognised quality from leading power companies. 

Systems Services - You have invested a lot into your infrastructure. Protect that investment with SP systems services. Our experts with extensive knowledge of the power grid and processes can help solve your most critical power network issues and meet your specific objectives, timely. This include independent analysis, services parts and installation, depending on your needs.

SP helps you maximise availability, deliver the best performance, safety, and efficiency.


Why SP?
- Easy to assemble

- Longest creepage distance
- Composite & Porcelain Available

- Flexible Terminations Available

- Dry Terminations Available

very traditional industry. This sophisticated level of R&D, combined with a highly effective sales engine led by Sylvia Chan, one of the first women selling in the high voltage industry in China, created SP, an innovative niche player that leads original innovation – a company strives to meet customer requirements, timely, flexible, and cost effectively, and to the highest quality.
SP today, has grown into a mid size enterprise, with an agile sales network in China, a diverse team of engineers, and attracted new talent from world leading IT companies, continue to focus on innovation, to take SP and its portfolio to the next level, into the digital age.